How I Freed My Blood Pressure

I’m 66 and was starting to get high blood pressure problems. When my personal doctor increased my drugs a second time, I decided to seriously take things. With my terrible heart attack, I would definitely either die, or not. However a stroke might be a whole different story I needed to avoid. It was actually my good fortune I picked this blood pressure method from here. The method is a quick read and provides very simple information for what is required to drop your BP. I am surprised at how straight forward it was to do the system and how quickly I had results. In just three weeks I had my BP to a little below normal plus lost 20 pounds. In a follow- up visit my personal doctor reduced my drugs and when I report my latest data, he will most likely reduce my drugs even further. this method gives common sense details I wanted to know and it turns out I really like what I’m supposed to eat. And I don’t feel as if I made big changes as much as fine tuning my diet, however the results are great. I won’t start preaching about this method, but just to say it gives basic information that’s really worth knowing. Even if you don’t get high BP, study it and learn what you’ve been eating.

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