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My wife and I moved into our first house in 2021 and I was already thinking about making it “smart” within a few days. The problem was figuring out where to begin.

The Lisa’s Home Automation Is Great!
I didn’t want to learn how to write; I simply wanted some basic smart home automations. There is a ton of technical material available.

Even after spending many hours scouring the internet for answers, I still had a slew of unanswered questions:

Choosing which smart home items to purchase might be overwhelming.
Is it possible for all of these cutting-edge gadgets to function together seamlessly?
Which smart hub is the best to use? A smart hub?
Smart bulbs or smart switches are the best options for replacing all of my current LED lights (50+!).
Do you know of any fast and easy smart home automations?
In the last year, I’ve addressed all of these questions and many more, and I’ve set up this blog to make it all available to you here. I’ve developed a near-obsession with smart home technology.

Action Tiles are an excellent choice for home automation.
There are times when using technology might be difficult, but it should be enjoyable!

I’m here to provide a hand.

More than a decade of my career has been dedicated to developing and maintaining some of the most well-known IT products in the world. If anything goes wrong with my computer, I know how to fix it!

I hope you find what you’re searching for in the Home Health Lives community.

— Lisa

PS: If you run into any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact me at homehealhtlives@gmail.com.