Does Philips Hue Work With Ring?

Almost any home-based system can be automated: surveillance, security, and lighting systems, television, and even appliances. Automation systems can be taught or programmed to turn on and off, and some even adjust their setting at certain times of the day, such as automatic home alarms.

However, not all smart home are created equal. The biggest question to think about is how much of a difference the device will make in changing your lifestyle. 

While expensive technology with a gimmick will be not worth the trouble, but some great smart home like Philips Hue and Ring can improve your overall well-being and safety or make your life more convenient and easier.

If you have both Ring and Hue , you surely want to know if you can connect them and get them to work together.

You can’t get your Philips Hue and Ring to work directly because Ring uses WiFi but Philips Hue uses Zigbee as their connection protocols. But with SmartThings or Amazon’s Echo as a smart home hub, you can create specified routines to make them work together. You also can connect your Philips Hue to your Ring to unlock powerful experiences.

As powerful smart , your Philips hue and Ring can be hooked up to work with each other. It is very useful for deaf people and great for you once you don’t hear the doorbell chime.

However, you have to get familiar with them. 

What Is Philips Hue?

Philips Hue is the best-stocked smart lighting company, with accessories and bulbs for pretty much any environment and fitting. 

The Philips Hue set-up at home is very customizable, with pretty much every sort of lighting fixture you could possibly need. It is perhaps the only smart lighting system in the market with such a wide ecosystem of Hue lights for your home.

Philips Hue Lights

Now they can be connected with Bluetooth or Zigbee for their smart lights. And no worries: even if you start with a Bluetooth-controlled system, you also can always add a Hue Bridge.

With a Hue Bridge and Hue app, you can control a big amount of lights to create great effects for you.

The Amazon Alexa is the perfect sidekick to your Philips Hue smart lights, providing you hands-free voice control.

What Is Ring?

Ring is a smart security device company. Their video doorbell is great, allowing you to see, talk to and record people who come to your doorsteps.

Ring Products on

Thanks to advances in sensors and other smart home technology, more and more home security products crowd into the market. Ring also produces various lights such as path lights, spotlights, floodlights, and step lights, which are solar-powered, battery-operated, and hard-wired. The Ring system is also simple to set up, easy to use, and relatively inexpensive compared to other similar products. 

It uses Long Range Radio Waves to connect from Your Ring lights to the Ring Hub, and you can use the Ring app via Wi-Fi for your smart and lights. The outdoor like outdoor lights, outside cameras, and the Ring video doorbell work wirelessly with solar power or rechargeable batteries. While your indoor cameras have to be plugged in.

The Ring Stick Up cam is among my favorite wireless security cameras. You can swap out a charged battery because its batteries can be removed. It isn’t tethered by a cord or cable. You can place this camera pretty much anywhere after charging the battery.

The Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Generation) looks exactly the same as the original. The Ring Video Doorbell 2nd generation can be run off battery power or hardwired battery power. But you have to unmount your entire doorbell to recharge it if its battery dies compared to Ring 3 because it doesn’t come with a removable battery.

The Ring Bridge lets Ring cameras, Smart lights, doorbells talk to each other and work better together. It can active your Ring cameras, turn on your Ring Smart Lights, and more. But you may ask how about Hue Bridge with Ring work.

How to Connect Ring to Your Philips Hue Lights?

When you bring your Hue lights and Ring home, you are surely want to start the setup process via connecting them to your Wi-Fi network. But they can’t work directly as they are on different protocols (Zigbee vs Wi-Fi). However, there are several different ways of tackling the problem.

Alexa Routines

With Amazon Echo smart speakers and displays, your Alexa can monitor visitors to your door with Ring, and also turn on your Philips Hue lights. You can integrate them into a routine to do what you want. 

Amazon’s entry-level Echo Show 5 smart display was already a solid device trusted by a lot of users, so it didn’t do much by way of upgrades. For those who have Amazon Echo Show 5, if you want to connect your Hue lights to the Alexa app, you will need to buy a Hue bridge, because Philips Hue works on Zigbee, so it can’t work with your Echo as Echo users Wi-Fi for connection.

The Amazon Echo Plus and Echo 4th Gen have built-in smart home hubs that seamlessly connect and control your Zigbee smart such as your Hue lights.

The Echo 4th Gen and Echo Plus support Zigbee 1.2 and 3.0 for types including:

  • Locks
  • Lights
  • Plus and outlets
  • In-wall switches

If your Ring and Hue are correctly connected, and you have set them into your Alexa app properly, you can create a routine to run them. 

Ring use a motion detection system that activates when movement is detected within a specific distance of your Ring . So you can use this technology to turn on your Hue lights when movement is detected. You can follow these steps in your Alexa App.

  1. Routines
  2. When This Happens
  3. Smart Home
SMART HOME Section In Alexa App

According to the screenshot above, select “All ”, you will see a list of and cameras connected. You can choose one of them like a video doorbell. You also can toggle the bar to choose either “When Doorbell is pressed” or “When Motion is detected”. Then hit “Save”:

An Alexa Routine

Now you can set your Philips Hue lights to do something by adding action. When you select “Smart Home” and you will see the list of . Then you can choose your Philips Hue Lights to do what you need such as turn on/off, at what color and brightness.

An Alexa routine when garage detects motion


IFTTT helps you connect all of your different and apps. You can enable your and apps to work together to do specific things but you need to sign up for a free account. 

IFTTT is available as a website and mobile app for both Android and iOS . By using it, you can create Applets, which are the automations that run for you in the background.

You can create an applet to connect your reminders on your Alexa, with the reminders on the Apple . For example, when you create an event for the reminders on your Alexa app, then it should also be created for your reminders app on Apple .

So with IFTTT, you can enable your Ring camera and Hue lights to work together. For example, your Philips Hue will be turned on when motion is detected by your Ring camera.

You can create some Ring applets for your Ring and Philips hue below.

  1. Blink your Hue lights whenever your Ring doorbell rings
  2. Turn your Hue lights on when Ring detects motion
  3. Turn on your Hue Lights When New Ring Detected After 10 pm
  4. If the doorbell rings between 21h and 6h, toggle Hue lights on
  5. When Ring detects someone at your front door blink your Hue lights
  6. Turn on lights when someone Rings
  7. Ring + Philips Hue Lights set to 50%
  8. Change Hue Lights if your Door Bell Rings

Note: You should have a Hue Bridge for your Philips Hue lights and IFTTT to connect.

The days of creating as many free IFTTT applets as you want are over. It has the subscription route now.

The IFTTT Pro plan, which will allow subscribers to build an unlimited number of applets with their new and more advanced features, will ultimately cost $3.99 a month.

Meanwhile, you just can just create three applets with their “free forever” plans. If you are planning on sticking with a free account, you just can keep three applets in your free account.

The problem is, people seem to hate paying for something that they have used for years for free. They are complaining about the price and don’t like a monthly subscription model.

How to Use Philips Hue to Trigger Your Ring Smart Lights?

Because they are on different connection protocols (Zigbee vs Wi-Fi), so you can’t make your Philips Hue and Ring smart lights work together directly. 

You need a Ring Bridge to unlock smart controls for your Ring lights if you use older versions of the Amazon Echo. It lets your Ring doorbells, lights, and cameras talk to each other and work better together in the Ring App. However, if you have Amazon Echo Show 10 or Echo 4th Gen, you don’t need to buy a separate Ring Bridge as they already have a built-in Ring bridge. 

However, you can create a more personalized experience for your Philips Hue and Ring to work together with Amazon’s Alexa as it is the brain behind tens of millions of like the Amazon Echo, Echo Show.

If you have your Philips Hue and Ring connected to the Alexa app, you can create a routine for what you want. For example, you can make your Ring lights and Philips Hue turn on at a certain time of the day, and you also can dim them by creating a routine.

You can set the Routine in the Alexa app by a Schedule such as 3 pm each evening. You also can set up a routine by a specific voice prompt, such as “Alexa, turn off the evening lights”.

Routines in Alexa App

You can use routines to trigger the usual array of announcements, answers, and actions that Alexa is capable of. With the right connected, you can also trigger music, TVs, cameras, lights.

Here are some example routines you can find helpful:

  • Say “Alexa goodbye” to turn all your smart lights off.
  • Set a press of Ring smart doorbell to trigger a sci-fi alert sound and make smart lights flash red.
  • Say “Alexa, quiet time” to turn on to switch your smart lights to a relaxing scene, and trigger a relaxing music playlist.
  • Say “Alexa, Lisa’s bedtime” to play soothing sleep sounds, switch your Hue lighting to a subdued level, and close the curtains.

Using IFTTT Applets

You can use Ring to trigger Philips Hue lights, and the same is the case vice versa, you also can do that with IFTTT applets.

Two applets for your Ring smart lights and Philips Hue you can use are:

  1. Turn Ring and Hue lights on at a certain time
  2. Set your Ring + Philips Hue lights to 50%

According to the previous information I have written, you just can use three Applets with a free IFTTT account. So I prefer to use Alex and Echo to do what I want.

Plus, Alexa-enabled also let you group multiple smart into one category. This makes it even easier to bunch groups of your together into a single routine. It is also a more cost-effect option for you.

Other Users’ Questions:

Can my outdoor hue lights sync up with my ring cameras? When they sense motion the hue lights change effect?

They absolutely can. I have my front camera and doorbell camera linked in my Alexa and I have a routine that activates at 11 pm whereby if it senses motion on the front camera it turns on all the lights for a minute, then drops the lights to 50% for 30 seconds before deactivating.

You also can set up an IFTTT account if you don’t have an Alexa – can add the droplets separately and link the actions together that way. Might have to get creative or check some examples as you only get 3 free commands on there but it’s definitely possible.

Have just fitted a Hue Resonate near my front door. I also have a Ring Doorbell close to it.

I’ve set the light to be on dusk till dawn at around 50% brightness in a blue tone, but want it to react to motion detected by the Ring Doorbell, ie go to max brightness of Cool White for a few minutes, then, after no more motion detected, return to the previous setting.

Can’t seem to get Alexa to do this…

Cheers for any advice.

In an Alexa routine, use your Ring motion as your trigger, then add an action to turn your lights on 100% bright white (for example), then add another action for Wait (2 minutes), then add another action to change your lights back to how they were… maybe activating the same scene you’re activating in Hue at night.

Has anybody had any luck with the hue and ring, I would love for the ability to have it so that when my ring doorbell is pressed it turns a light on then say after 5 mins turn it back off again. I have it set so that the lights flash with IFTTT but have yet to find a way to have them on with a timer say.

Download the hue app and then put a motion sensor outside, you should be able to set a tome UD like the lights to remain on so when someone walks up to the door the motion sensor will kick light on for the time you want and if you place it where the ring will also pick up them 9n video walking to the door.


From lights to thermostats that can be adjusted by a verbal command to security systems that can be turned on from afar. By connecting your smart each other, you can achieve many smart home ideas that were impossible before. 

It is not just used for convenience and fun, smart home technology is being tied into security systems to create a really secure smart home.

If you really want to connect them, you have two options here. Whether you want IFTTT or Echo, you will make decisions according to your own needs. You also can try both of them and decide which one is best for you.

Because the Ring Doorbell company is owned by Amazon, and Ring supports the Echo and Alexa products that are sold by Amazon, making a safer home and a popular choice when you integrate your Philips Hue and Ring together.

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