6 Ways to Fix Eufy Doorbell SYNC Button Not Working

If you want to link your Eufy doorbell to your Eufy app, you’ll need to hit the SYNC button on the doorbell. When the SYNC button is pressed, the doorbell should provide a short beep. Without an audible sound, the SYNC button is broken.

If that’s the case, and you want to know how to fix the sync button on your Eufy doorbell, keep reading.

Troubleshooting the SYNC Button on Your Eufy Doorbell

So, in order to fix the SYNC button on your Eufy doorbell, here are some suggestions:

1. Simply hold down the SYNC button for three seconds.

In order to update the settings of the device during the “Add Device” phase, we must hit the SYNC button. Incorporating the gadget into the system will be facilitated by the Beep sound. When pushing the SYNC button and hearing no beep, try the following. 1. To initiate synchronization, hit and hold the SYNC button for at least two seconds. 2. Pressing it for more than 2 seconds should trigger a Beep; if that doesn’t happen, charge the doorbell for 10 minutes and try the SYNC button again. (Used in Doorbells That Run on a Battery)

2. Bring Your Eufy Doorbell Up to Speed

It’s possible that the batteries are dead on your Eufy doorbell if pressing the SYNC button doesn’t do anything. The doorbell might also be charged as a means of troubleshooting.

Each battery doorbell leaves the manufacturer with a charge of 60% to 80% to ensure it makes it through shipping without being damaged. You should really juice it up before you use it.

Powered by a 2000mAh Battery, This Doorbell

The T8210 wireless doorbell uses a 2K battery that may last up to a year. The battery doorbell is compatible with USB chargers that provide 5V at 2A or 1A.

  • From dead to fully charged using 5V 1A will take around 6 hours.
  • It will take roughly three hours at 5V 2A.

The HomeBase 2 has a USB connector, although it only provides 5V/2A.

Remote Battery Operated HD Video Doorbell with 1080P Resolution

There is a 1080P camera and a 5000mAh battery within the T8220/T8222 battery doorbell. The battery doorbell may be charged using a USB charger that outputs 5V/1A. From dead to fully charged using 5V 1A will take around 6 hours.

The battery for the Eufy wireless doorbell is included in the package. When tested by the manufacturer, the gadget was able to record 30 separate 10-second occurrences every day.

The micro-USB charging cable is included to keep the doorbell’s power supply full. Take the doorbell down from its wall mount. To connect the cable, just flip the product over. Within six hours, the Eufy doorbell will be fully charged.

The battery in your Eufy doorbell has been fully charged. Retry holding down the SYNC button for an extended period of time. If you still haven’t heard anything when you ring the doorbell, go to the following step.

3. Verify That the Appropriate Eufy Doorbell Was Selected

There are two distinct doorbell options available from Eufy: wired and battery-operated. SYNCing the device with the app requires that you identify which doorbell you really own. To clarify, double-check the Wired Doorbell option if your doorbell is wired. Also, on the Eufy app, choose Battery Doorbell if you have a battery-operated doorbell.

The newly introduced wireless eufy doorbell provides similar functions to the wired version, with the additional benefit of being considerably simpler to install and being base station compatible right out of the box.

Keep in mind that if you want to change the doorbell type during setup, you’ll have to repeat the procedure.

If everything checks out, although the SYNC button won’t function, go to the following step.

4. Troubleshoot Network Connection Problems

It’s possible that a problem with your Wi-Fi is preventing the SYNC button on your Eufy doorbell from operating as intended.

If your Eufy wired doorbell is still unable to connect to your wifi, the problem is likely with the router and not the doorbell. It is recommended to do a router reset in such cases. For most Wi-Fi routers, all it takes to reset it is pressing and holding the reset button for ten seconds.

While most routers do feature a reset button, others don’t. If you possess one of these routers, you may reset it by going to the router’s admin page.

5. Please Upgrade the Eufy App!

If you want to use all of Eufy’s capabilities, you need to make sure you’re using the most recent version of the app. If you’re still having trouble getting the doorbell to SYNC, make sure you’re using the most recent version of the associated app.

For the most part, provided your phone is connected to Wi-Fi and has adequate battery life, the eufy Security App will update itself automatically in the background in accordance with your update settings. The App Store and Google Play are two other places to look for new versions.

When you initially launch the eufySecurity App, it will check the status of all connected devices and notify you of any changes. This article is relevant for every eufy security gadget that connects to the cloud through the eufySecurity app.

Verify the Software Release Number

Under the “About Device” tab of the App, you can see what version of firmware your security gadget is running.

App Procedure: Tap the Device Tab>… tap the gear icon, then tap Settings, General, About Device, and finally System Version.

Make Sure You Have the Latest Firmware

Assuming the eufy security gadget is online (through Wi-Fi), it will often change its firmware overnight.

Just give it another day if the automated update doesn’t work. In 24 hours it will be updated again. This current version is OK to use. Not to fret.

The “About Device” page includes options to manually update the software, as well as check for firmware/check for firmware update. If the firmware is up to current, it will indicate as such.

After that, hit SYNC once again. If it doesn’t accomplish the trick, try the next one.

6. For Eufy technical support, please call:

There may be a problem with the gadget if pressing the SYNC button still does nothing. Please contact Eufy’s support team and inform them of the problem.

You may reach them using the information provided there.

Contact them at 800-988-7973.

You may also visit the Frequently Asked Questions section of the site for further details.

Keep in mind that it is possible to have a real-time conversation. There is a live chat feature where you may have a conversation with a representative.

Their social media accounts are another communication option. You may reach out to the support staff of by direct message, comments, or mentions on any of their social media accounts. If you want to connect with, you may do so using the following profiles:

  • Fan page on Facebook
  • Blog post on Twitter
  • Website devoted to video sharing on YouTube
  • Profile on Instagram

Apps for both the iPhone and Android are available. Their applications allow you to get in touch with them and learn more about their offerings on the go.

  • iOS application
  • Apk for Android

Their website may have further contact information. If you have any other suggestions for getting in touch, please provide them in the comments so we can all benefit.

To help those who are unfamiliar with the process of making an app log, we have provided the following guidelines.

  • Launch the Eufy mobile app. To access the menu, choose the three-lined symbol in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Then, after selecting the About tab, choose to Upload Log.
  • Tap the App Logs option now. In order to record your complaint, go to the Device Logs menu.
  • After selecting About, if you don’t see an option to “Upload Log,” hit the Eufy icon five times. In this next step, you’ll want to go to the App Log.

It may take some time for a Customer Support agent to react to your complaint after you’ve submitted it. To repair your doorbell Sync button, try the suggested solutions.

Answers from Actual Users

After hitting the sync button, the Eufy 1080P battery-operated video doorbell still doesn’t make a sound.

We decided to purchase a battery-operated, 1080p video doorbell with a chime. We signed up for the Eufy Security app and had no trouble adding the wireless bell to our system.

However, even after repeatedly pressing the “sync” button, the doorbell still refuses to sound. Nothing happens when we push the “sync” button on the doorbell for two seconds. The doorbell light flashes for maybe 10 seconds before going off. The signal is not being picked up by the wireless bell.

The instructions suggest to reset the doorbell by pressing and holding the sync button for 10 seconds, but all I see is the same blue pulsating light surrounding the button. The doorbell was also charged for at least an hour, but to no avail. The problem persisted even after I deleted the wireless chime from the app and added it again. The doorbell acts as though it is linked when, in fact, it is not. When the doorbell button is pressed, a blue light illuminates around it to give the impression that it is ringing, even if it isn’t.

I have been unable to locate any threads addressing this issue; thus, any assistance you can provide would be much appreciated.

The Reply of Lisa:

In the end, we sent it back and sprung for the pricier €199,- model. That one went off without a hitch for me.

My 1080P battery-powered doorbell ceased recognizing motion and recording events after 6 months of regular use. The app indicates that an update was sent to the doorbell on December 20th, the same day the malfunction first appeared.

Trying to wipe the slate clean, I deactivated the doorbell feature in the app. I’m having the same problem as OP, and neither the sync (2s) nor the reset (10s) functions work, thus I can’t re-add it. No sound is produced even when the button is held down forever. In this case, turning the device on and off quickly (five pushes) does not cure the problem.

I contacted eufy about the issue, and they said they would replace it if I sent back the broken one. While I appreciate the nofuss replacement, itll certainly be a couple of weeks before it comes. Irritating.

After hitting the sync button, my 2K battery-operated video doorbell still doesn’t ring.

I know this topic has been discussed before, so maybe someone else has a suggestion.

I got a HomeBase with two EufyCam 2 Pro’s and the video doorbell 2K add-on. The cameras are good, but I have no luck connecting the doorbell to HomeBase.

The doorbell doesn’t make a sound when I push the sync button for two seconds; instead, the blue led on the front flashes and pulses. Nothing is being picked up by HomeBase.

I tried charging it, resetting it (5 times sync button), resetting the homebase, synchronizing while connected by usb to the HomeBase, nothing appears to work…

I can still return it and I have opened a complaint with Eufy but I’m keen to know if anybody else has seen/solved this ssue.

This is Linda’s response:

Hey, I had a problem with my Eufy gadget, so I started a case and they instructed me to send it back after we had tried troubleshooting it together. A brand new one was sent to me, and it began functioning right away.

Inability to connect Eufy battery-operated doorbell to homebase

The battery-operated doorbell that I ordered yesterday finally arrived at my house today. I’ve followed the directions, set up the home base, and charged the doorbell, but it won’t couple and instead gives me a yellow ring and times out. eufy’s UK support team suggested emailing a request for a replacement. If anybody has any suggestions on what I might attempt first to get this running and save him the hassle of sending it back, I’d be very grateful.

Just in case anybody else is having this problem! I was finally able to repair my….

It took me almost an hour of trying different things before I figured out what to do, but it works now.

  1. Press sync fast 5 times to reset the battery doorbell.
  2. The home base may be updated to the latest software and then reset to factory defaults.
  3. New configuration, and it finally worked for me

Which doorbell has a sync button, and where is it on the EUFY

On the other side of the doorbell, at the bottom, is the Sync button. You may use the pin supplied or a paper clip to remove the doorbell from the mounting bracket if you’ve previously attached it to the door frame or wall. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to access the Sync button on the device’s rear.

How can I resynchronize my Eufy doorbell?

You may reset your eufy battery doorbell by pressing and holding the Sync button for ten seconds. The doorbell’s Sync button may be found on its back. If your doorbell is already mounted on the wall or door frame, you may remove it by sliding the pin supplied or using a paper clip.


Since we have covered a lot of ground today, let’s perform a fast review to summarize the day’s discussion and break it down into manageable chunks.

To get your doorbell working again, all you need to do is check the batteries, transformer, and wiring. If it does, swap out the problematic one with a new pair and reboot normally.

  1. Keep the SYNC Button Pressed in for Three Seconds
  2. Bring Your Eufy Doorbell Up to Speed
  3. Verify That the Appropriate Eufy Doorbell Was Selected
  4. Troubleshoot Network Connection Problems
  5. Please Upgrade the Eufy App!
  6. For Eufy technical support, please call:

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