5 Ways to Fix Eufy Wi-Fi Bridge Offline

The blue light on your LED is the one you want when configuring your Wi-Fi bridge. However, if the LED is red for whatever reason, the Wi-Fi bridge will disconnect. Your Wi-Fi Bridge probably lost its connection to the Internet, causing this.

As a Bluetooth lock, your lock will continue to function normally. The lock’s operation will not be compromised in any way.

Eufy Wi-Fi Bridge

Please read the following procedures to assist you in fixing the problem.

  • 1. Verify that your router can connect to the Internet.
  • 2. To reset the Wi-Fi Bridge, please disconnect it and then plug it back into the wall. It has 3 minutes to try and become better.
  • 3. If the aforementioned solutions don’t work, try uninstalling the Wi-Fi Bridge and then reinstalling it.

So, let’s examine what you can do to resolve this problem.

For Help If Your Eufy Wi-Fi Bridge Is Down, Read On

1. Verify Your Router’s Internet Connection.

It’s possible that your router has lost internet connection if your Eufy Wi-Fi Bridge stops working. Also, you may attempt a few other solutions to get the router online again.

  1. To see available wireless networks, click the “Wireless Network Connection” icon in the system tray. If the network isn’t visible, it’s because the router isn’t distributing its SSID.
  2. If the network is accessible, choose it and click “Connect”; if an error occurs, try connecting from a different device. If the
  3. device connects successfully, the problem may lie with the other computer’s network card; if other computers on the network have no problems connecting, the router may be faulty.
  4. To launch the command prompt, go to the Start menu, then enter “cmd” or “command prompt” and hit the Enter key.
  5. To see the IP settings for both the wired and wireless connections, type “ipconfig” into the terminal and hit “Enter.”
  6. Write down the default gateway by navigating to Wireless Network Connection > Wireless LAN Adapter. Simply enter this URL into your browser’s address bar.
  7. To go to router configuration, press Enter. Either the router itself or the accompanying paperwork will have the data you need to log in.
  8. After logging in, check the router to see where the status of your connection is shown; this is often the Status or Router Status tab. If the status of your network is “Disconnected,” it’s possible that your modem is broken or turned off; if it says “Connected,” but none of your machines can access the Internet, the problem may lie with your router.
  9. Verify the front-facing LEDs work properly. Depending on the model, the “Power,” “WLAN,” “Wireless,” “Internet,” “Send,” and “Receive” LEDs should be either always on or flashing green or blue. If any of the indicator lights above are blinking orange or red, the router is broken.

To link your mobile device to the wireless network, please proceed as follows:

When you turn on Wi-Fi on your Android phone or tablet, it will immediately connect to the first available network it recognizes as having an active password. If that isn’t the case, you might try to locate a network that is open for use. Just do what I say:

  • Launch the Settings app and go to the Wi-Fi section.
  • Choose a wireless network to connect to. Like in the illustration, a list of accessible Wi-Fi networks is shown. If there are no available networks, then you cannot use Wi-Fi at this location.
  • When asked, enter the password for the network. Some network passwords are lengthy, therefore it helps to toggle the Show Password option so you can see what you’re entering.
  • Select the CONNECT option from the menu. Quickly linked to the network. If that’s not the case, try reentering the password.
  • When asked, provide the network’s password to keep in touch. Sometimes when you join to a Wi-Fi network on an Android device, it will ask whether you want to automatically reconnect to it in the future. Pick that alternative.

Check whether your Eufy Wi-Fi Bridge is online once your mobile device can access the web while remaining connected to the router. Proceed to Step 2 if your Eufy Wi-Fi Bridge is still not online.

2. Verify that the Wi-Fi Bridge is activated.

If the Wi-Fi Bridge for your Eufy Smart Lock is showing as offline in the app, it probably isn’t getting any juice.

You already know that the Eufy Wi-Fi Bridge can’t function until it’s hooked into a power source. If your Wi-Fi Bridge app reports that it is offline, make sure it is turned on. If it doesn’t, check the wall outlet to make sure it’s getting power.

Make sure the gadget is getting power by using a different outlet if necessary.

Even if your Wi-Fi Bridge is on, but the app says it’s offline, you may try the following step.

3. Restart the Wi-Fi Access Point

If your Eufy Wi-Fi Bridge isn’t connecting to the internet, trying restarting it.

To reboot your Eufy Wi-Fi Bridge, please follow these instructions:

  • When you’re done using your Eufy Wi-Fi Bridge, unplug it from the wall.
  • When the timer goes off, plug the cord back into the socket.
  • After waiting a few minutes, your Eufy Wi-Fi Bridge should be fully functional.

If your Eufy Wi-Fi Bridge is still not working after a reboot, continue on.

4. Detach and reconnect your Eufy Wi-Fi Bridge to the EufySecurity app.

It’s possible that your Eufy Wi-Fi Bridge will still be inaccessible even after you’ve implemented the aforementioned solutions. If that’s the case, try removing and then re-adding the Wi-Fi Bridge in the EufySecurity program.

Until you hear a beeping sound, hold down the SYNC button on the WiFi bridge for at least two seconds while connecting it with the eufySecurity app. After that, the eufySecurity app’s WiFi bridge configuration will go smoothly.

If your WiFi bridge won’t connect, try these troubleshooting steps:

  1. If you want to connect your router to the web, you’ll need to do this first. The best connection may be achieved if the bridge is set up between the router and the device you want to connect.
  2. Verify that you’ve got the right gadget in mind. If you want to use the app to set up a WiFi bridge, be sure you pick “WiFi Bridge” while adding the device.
  3. As a safety precaution, please verify that you have scanned the QR code located at the base of the WiFi bridge. You may either use a QR code scanner, or you can type in the code yourself.
  4. Connect the power pin to the WiFi bridge and turn the antenna to the position indicated in the image. Place it near the router and the device you wish to connect. The LED status light on the WiFi bridge will flash red.
  5. When your WiFi bridge is ready, press and hold the SYNC button for 2 seconds, or until the LED indication light begins to flicker green.
  6. When setting up a WiFi bridge, make sure it is within a meter of the router.
  7. Verify that no whitelisting or firewalling has been enabled on the router.

Thank you for using the EufySecurity app to reconnect your Eufy Wi-Fi Bridge.

After re-adding the Eufy Wi-Fi Bridge to the EufySecurity app, it should become operational again.

To whom may I direct a question about the EUFY WiFi Bridge’s factory reset?

After pushing the Sync button five times rapidly, waiting thirty seconds, and then pressing the Sync button again to turn it on, the device will have been hard reset and the setup procedure will need to be repeated. Please contact eufy’s support team if you have any more queries.

The function of the EUFY WiFi bridge

Wi-Fi Bridge enables remote locking and unlocking of Smart Lock Touch from a compatible mobile device. You can monitor who comes and goes from your home with the eufy Security app.

Effective methods based on feedback from actual consumers

WiFi is utterly pointless on the Eufy smart lock.

I’m using the wifi-enabled Eufy smart lock. Is it just me, or does it seem like a waste of time to have wifi if it won’t remain connected for more than a few minutes?

No one appears to be able to keep their wifi lock linked, and I can’t find any information online on how to fix this problem.

The fact that all of these lock and unlock occurrences are recorded in the event log is particularly perplexing.

In reply, Lisa said

I just wanted to let you know that I contacted support about this and they informed me that it was a known problem and that I would need to upgrade the firmware on my device. I haven’t had any issues after then.


If your Eufy Smart Lock Wi-Fi Bridge is not connecting to the internet, you may attempt the aforementioned solutions.

  • It’s possible that the power to the Wi-Fi Bridge has gone off.
  • The router you’re using isn’t connected to the web.
  • You can’t use this feature because your Wi-Fi network uses an unsupported band.
  • We need a new version of the EufySecurity app.

If this still doesn’t get your Eufy Wi-Fi Bridge working, you’ll need to get in touch with Eufy Support.

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