Philips Hue Dimmer Switch Battery Type, Life and Replacement

With energy innovations fast spreading to more areas of our lives, the future of smart home energy is fast advancing before our eyes. When more and more devices become connected at home, how many chargers, Switches, and power outlets do we need? What can we do to keep our lights on and how are our devices powered?

Today I will mainly introduce the information about Philips Hue Dimmer Switch Battery.

This remote control is ideal for your rental, to control the lights in your living room. You can turn your smart lights on and off without your voice and set various settings to select from. Installation is so easy because it sticks to your wall and doesn’t do any damage. 

After connecting it to your HUB, the switch will be able to turn on/off your lights even with Hub disconnected. It is good even if hub or WIFI bugs out and power outage. 

The Philips Hue Dimmer Switch has no hard wiring and runs on a single 3V CR2450 coin battery, which is flat, small, and circular. The battery life is excellent, you usually can use the switch battery for more than a year and a half and even up to three years before you have to change it out with a new one and resync your switch, and the change is very simple. You can even use Hue app to monitor the battery states and a spreadsheet to keep trace of it. 

What is The Philips Hue Dimmer Switch

Though lots of competitions are catching up fast, Philips Hue is always the big chief in smart lighting. Its bulbs are excellent and have some fantastic accessories. One of those is the Philips Hue Dimmer Switch.

The second-generation Hue Dimmer is awesome. Let take a closer look at it, it is not only made of a completely different material but also has rounded corners.

Philips Hue Dimmer Switch can be used as a wall switch or as a remote control. The smart, magnetic-design plate means you can easily use it as both back and forth. Has lots of customizations to dim your lights and instantly choose your favourite light scenes or presets.

The new Dimmer Switch is powered by a CR2450 coin cell battery, this new remote is awesome and it’s easier to replace the battery.

What is the Hue Dimmer Switch Battery Life?

Power is necessary to do basic things in your life just like your phones are fitted with batteries for you to enjoy them. When making a buying decision, it is so important you should consider one key area is battery life. It is good news that the Hue Dimmer Switch battery life will last at least 12 months and even up to three years, if used sparingly. 

The Philips Hue Dimmer Switch functions both as a wall switch and a remote, which runs on a single CR2450 battery that you don’t need to change from time to time because of its three-year lifespan, and rechargeable batteries are not what you need to worry about for the Switch.

The battery life seems very great but some users complained that the battery life is not what it claims. One user said that the dimmer battery needs to be changed every two months in spite of rarely using it. 

Why the battery life is so short instead of three years Philips Hue claims for this user? From my own experience, it must be somewhat defective, I have 5 Hue dimmer switches in my home that are more than a year and a half old. They all still show more than 70% battery remaining.

There must be something wrong if it is happening to you, I think it is mainly the following three causes.

  1. Using Counterfeit and Knock-Off Batteries – Counterfeit products are unauthorized replicas of the real product or fakes. Counterfeit products are usually produced with the intent to take advantage of the excellent value and trademark of the imitated product. These batteries usually have much lower specifications, and in many cases, they are not equipped with security features that meet quality standards. As a result, they will be the cause of many issues when charged or used. For example, they run out pretty much immediately compared to the real batteries. So, if you need to change your batteries, you should buy them from a trusted seller.
  2. Product defects inside Hue Dimmer Switch – product defect is a common phenomenon in almost every industry. There are also some flaws like wiring design on Hue Dimmer Switch occasionally. Sometimes those defects would cause sapping the battery lifespan. 
  3. Batteries flaws – If everything else is ok, it could be the batteries themselves defects. 

If you can’t find out the problems, it’s time to go for a warranty or opt for Philips hue dimmer switch battery replacement.

How Do You Know When it’s Time to Replace Your Hue Dimmer Switch Battery?

Battery life is a concern for most users. There is nothing worse than pressing your Hue dimmer switch and realizing the battery is running out of power – or worse yet, that’s already completely dead. 

So you should know when the battery is running out of power, and then replace it with new batteries. 

The simplest way to see battery is inside the Philips Hue app that can monitor your battery life for all connected devices.

After you click the setup menu in the Hue app, if you have connected your devices with the Hue app, you will see them there. If there is an orange text “low battery” is popping up underneath the device, this means that, the device battery is running out of power. You can check it once every few months. 

Some direct signs you also can take care of.

It’s no big deal that the battery is dead. If you found something below 

  1. Your Switch is less constant operation 
  2. Your Switch totally losing functionality

it may be your batteries issues. Don’t worry, you can fix them easily and enjoy your smart home life.

Using a Spreadsheet to Trace Your Battery Life

Batteries are a trustworthy source of energy. They offer a certain amount of energy for a certain amount of time. 

A reliable company will keep their batteries performance and lifespan as consistent as possible. However, to ensure your devices maintain their functionality and connectivity, you still need to keep trace of your battery life because the battery will lose its capacity over time. 

It’s not hard to keep trace of battery life if you spend a little time.

The official Philips Hue app is the most comprehensive way to control, organize, and customize your Hue smart lights and other accessories. So it also can monitor batteries life. If you notice the “low battery” warning, this means that it’s time to change them out with new batteries, which can keep your connected devices functioning well.

You can make a basic spreadsheet with the device name, when you need to change batteries, and when you added it to keep track of your batteries. This is a great method to make you don’t get any unexpected interruptions when you enjoy your smart home system.

You will add more devices as you are familiar with smart home ecosystem, so keeping trace of the battery of your device is getting more and more important with a spreadsheet. 

What Kind of Batteries for Your Hue Dimmer Switch?

The Hue Dimmer Switch is powered by a CR2450 battery that is flat, small, and circular.

These batteries are available at Walmart, Amazon, and grocery stores. I just search it on Walmart and Amazon, they usually sell several pieces in a pack at a cheap price.

Some CR2450 Battery information is below:

  1. Chemistry: Lithium.
  2. Usage: Pagers, Watches, Digital Organizers, Calculators, others
  3. Voltage: 3V

Warning: Keep away from your kids due to choking hazards.

You can buy a pack as your backup energy once your batteries are running out of power.

Do you want to use rechargeable batteries for your smart home devices?

Can the Hue Dimmer Switch Use Rechargeable Batteries?

Over the past lots of years, lots of devices have increasingly become powered by rechargeable batteries – from various Ni-MH and lithium-ion rechargeable batteries powering our electronic devices to the lead acid batteries in motorized vehicles. 

It would be frustrating to select between disposable and rechargeable batteries because you don’t know which will work better. But I think it is not a good option to choose rechargeable batteries for your switch.

Yes, there is the rechargeable version for the CR2450 batteries, but it is no AA. You are also not easy to buy rechargeable versions of the batteries. If you still want to try them, you can buy them online.

There is no doubt it: using rechargeable batteries is great for environment and reduces waste. But you have to buy extra cables and chargers and other additional factors.

Most popular CR2450 battery brands include Sony, Panasonic, Energizer, Duracell, and other most popular battery brands in general. I suggest you use disposable batteries at the moment because they can last three years and they are cheap and easy to change.

Warning: like all other lithium batteries, if swallowed by children, it will be very dangerous since the battery may cause heavy internal injuries and burns because of the electrolysis. So keep it away from your children.

Hue Dimmer Switch Battery Replacement

Is very easy to change the Hue dimmer switch batteries with just a #00 screwdriver and everyone can do it

You can find that there is screwdriver on the back of the Hue dimmer switch to hold the switch battery cover in place.

If you have glass repair kits or tech repair kits, you can get a screwdriver in them and can easily unscrew the battery cover and insert a new battery after removing the old one. 

Note: Look out for the polarity and ensure the battery is in the right direction.

A few steps below:

  1. Remove your hue switch from the wall
  2. Unscrew the battery cover with a #00 screwdriver
  3. Insert a new battery after removing the old one
  4. Screw the battery cover back on
  5. Put your switch anywhere in your home

All is done, you can resync your Hue dimmer switch now.

Resyncing and Reset Your Hue Dimmer Switch

Now it’s time to reconnect your switch to both your lights and Hue app. You can follow the below steps to get your device working.

First, pair your switch to your Hue app

  1. Open your Hue app
  2. Click the “Settings”
  3. Click the “Accessory Set-Up”
  4. Add a new device by following the instructions

Second, Pair your hue dimmer to your lights by following below steps

  1. Turn your smart lights on
  2. Turn your dimmer switch on
  3. Place the dimmer switch near your smart lights
  4. Hold the “Power” button for at least 10 seconds
  5. All will be set when the light flashes three times

After you have done the above steps, you will be back to the whole functionality.

If you still have trouble pairing them, factory resetting the Hue Dimmer switch is your final option. You can hold the “Setup” button with a screwdriver on the back of your Dimmer switch for at least 10 seconds until the LED indicator on the front turns green. Your switch will blink orange for a few minutes after the LED turns green. 

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